The Benefits of 24 hour Live in Care for End of Life Care

End of life care is a difficult subject to talk about. Whether it’s a relative with a terminal illness or a loved one that is reaching the end of their natural lifespan, it can be a tough topic to bring up in a conversation. The usual choices are often sending them to a hospital or putting them into a residential home or hospice. This raises concerns such as what your loved one would prefer, what would make them happier or even what can be safer for them.

There is, however, another option; 24-hour live-in care. There are many advantages to this alternative, and in this article, we’re going to explain a couple of the benefits that you can expect to see.

Live-in care is a lot more personal

Residential homes, hospitals and hospices are all fantastic options that take great care of their residents, but live-in care is often a lot more personalised towards the needs and personality of your loved one. Compared to impersonal services where dozens or even hundreds of patients come in and out, the carer will get to know their clients personally. The hectic nature of these places makes it very difficult for staff to get to know their residents, which is why live-in care is often preferred.

This offers a level of familiarity that isn’t available in residential homes, hospitals and hospices. This means that the patient will be able to receive more quality care and have better social interactions which can help them in those final days. In many cases, they can almost feel like an honorary family member that will treat them with the best of care.

Live-in care allows your loved one to stay in familiar surroundings

There are no disruptions or complications when it comes to live-in care. You can simply stay put and live in the home that you’re currently in without needing to change anything about your lifestyle.

This lack of change can be a huge benefit, especially if your loved one doesn’t want to experience the frustrations or complications involved with moving, selling their home or switching locations. They could enjoy their current location since they’re surrounded by loved ones, friends and familiar faces.

Live-in care provides more comfort to your loved one

One of the biggest reasons to opt for live-in care is that it provides a lot more comfort to your loved ones. It ensures that they can live in their current home surrounded by everything that they’ve grown used to over the years, allowing them to pass away peacefully surrounded by familiarity and comfort instead of a completely new location in a hospital or residential home.

Live-in care provides loved ones with an opportunity to live their final days comfortably as possible in their own home. It’s an opportunity that many are not afforded because their loved ones didn’t know the option existed or follow trends of sending elderly loved ones to residential homes and hospitals. While those services do offer excellent care, the level of comfort is nowhere near being able to remain in the home you’ve lived in.