24 Hour Live in Care and the Benefits of Familiar Surroundings

Live-in care is one of the alternative options for ageing relatives and loved ones. In most cases, the elderly are sent to hospitals, hospices or asked to live in residential care homes that are far away from their existing homes and entirely different environments. It takes them away from friends and loved ones, it removes the comforts they’re used to and it forces them to live in unfamiliar surroundings that they might find difficult to cope with.

While hospitals, hospices and residential care homes are perfectly fine and provide an excellent service, they don’t offer the same level of care, personalisation and comfort that live-in care can provide. This is because live-in care allows the elderly to remain in familiar surroundings of their own home. They’ll be close to the shops and services they’ve grown old with, they’ll be living close to their friends and their family members are likely close by as well.

Live-in care is a far better option for family members and loved ones whilst also providing benefits for the elderly. Here are a couple of advantages of being able to live surrounded by familiar people and comforts.

There’s no readjustment period

Readjusting to a hospital, hospice or residential care home can be frustrating and difficult for some seniors. This is because there are new faces to remember, new locations for appliances, new local surroundings to get accustomed to and even something as small as the layout of the rooms can feel less comfortable and almost alien. This readjustment period can be daunting for seniors, especially if they’re already struggling to cope with their current surroundings due to a lack of mobility or the assistance needed. While it might not seem like much, the lack of a readjustment period can be a huge benefit for seniors who are moving towards the final stages of their life.

It feels more personal

Live-in care ultimately allows your loved one to take more control of their surroundings. This means that they can move furniture around if needed, ask their carer to assist with certain things and also be given a degree of independence should they want it. This is usually only possible since they are living in their own home. In a hospital, hospice or residential care home, they’re given limited control of their surroundings and it can feel somewhat impersonal living somewhere that you have little say about. Being able to remain in their existing home means they can personalise their home to their liking and their carer will be able to carry out and honour those requests.

Familiar surroundings are ultimately more comfortable

There’s no denying that hospices, hospitals and residential care homes are comfortable, especially given the professional services and carers available. However, being able to live in your current home with a live-in carer is a lot more comforting since you’re familiar with your surroundings. From where the biscuit tin is to their favourite park, everything is within a comfortable distance and the familiarity makes living life a lot simpler and easier.