Why Some Elderly May Need Care

It’s fairly typical for people to take care of their elders. It’s something that has been a part of us as humans and it’s generally well-accepted in our society that you should look after people that are older and in need. However, when was the last time you really asked yourself why you’re helping your elders, and do they really need as much care as you provide for them? You might be surprised to find out some of the deeper reasons behind why your care is so appreciated.

Why Do Elderly People Need Care?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that elderly people need care.

  • Limited mobility. If an elderly person has limited mobility, then they’ll usually have trouble going from one place to another or even getting out of bed in the morning. Limited mobility can also contribute to other factors, such as finding difficulty making their own food or travelling to visit their friends and family members.
  • Becoming forgetful. It’s fairly normal for seniors to become more forgetful in their old age. They might neglect to take medication, they might forget the phone numbers of their children or they might have difficulty remembering where their own home is.
  • Combating neglect. One of the most important reasons why elderly people need care is because they don’t want to be neglected. They don’t want to feel like they have been abandoned in life and left to live the rest of their days with other elderly people who are in similar situations. They want to still feel like they’re a part of society and they want to have daily interactions with people around them instead of just resorting to digital methods and occasional visits.

Whether it’s your parents or an elderly neighbour, taking care of seniors is an admirable thing. It can, however, get frustrating and occasionally stressful especially if you aren’t trained to do it. That’s why many people turn to care services. This typically includes sending your elders to a residential care home, but the thought of sending them off might not sit well with everyone.

There is another option that can provide everything that elderly people need without forcing them out of their homes; live-in care.

The Advantages of Live-In Care

But what makes live-in care such a good choice over regular residential homes? Here are a couple of the biggest advantages and how they can deal with the needs of elderly people.

  • Live-in carers will get to know the seniors they’re taking care of. One of the biggest advantages of live-in care is that the carer will eventually get to know the senior they’ve been asked to take care of. This will help develop a strong relationship which makes it easier for both the carer and the senior to get along.
  • It allows the elderly to live in their own homes in comfort. Hiring live in care means that the elderly will be able to live in their own homes without worrying about their independence. They’ll be able to live on the property they invested in, they’ll be able to stay with their neighbours and they’ll be familiar with their surroundings. This is far better than forcing them into an unfamiliar care home.
  • They’ll always have someone to speak to. As mentioned before, social interaction is one of the biggest needs for an elderly person. It helps to combat neglect and keeps them a part of society instead of being alienated due to their age difference or lack of mobility.
  • Live-in carers are trained to take care of any tasks the elderly might have. Whether it’s helping to clean the house, assisting in washing the elderly or even cooking for them, live-in carers have all the skills needed to take great care of their clients.
  • Live-in care is surprisingly affordable. Live-in care can be had for as little as £735 per week. This is surprisingly affordable compared to alternatives and offers far more benefits than forcing an elderly person to live in a care home.

If you’re in need of live-in care or know an elderly person that could benefit from professional live-in care, then give Orchid 24 hour live in care a call or contact us today. Orchid 24 hour live in care provides 24-hour live-in care with a highly customisable service and aims to provide professional-quality service–the same level of care that we would expect for our own loved ones.