Live in Care for Young Adults

One of the most important things in life is the right to independence. Young adults living with learning  or physical disabilities may need an extra helping hand to care for themsleves, but they have the same rights to freedom and independence as anyone else. Live in care gives young adults so much more than just a convenient carer on hand throughout the day and night; it allows them companionship and comfort in their own home. The best bit? You don’t have to worry that your loved one is unsafe or lonely.

Thousands of people in the UK are living with learning or physical disabilities that make them that little bit more vulnerable than others and their daily lives are affected in different ways. There are many young adults who are relying on their family for support, which can be stressful and difficult and sometimes it can feel like it’s the only option. We believe  more people need to hear about 24 hour live in care for disabled young adults, and whether you’re based in Brighton, Crowborough, Eastbourne, Worthing or elsewhere in Sussex, there are options out there.

Why live in care?

Live in care for young adults comes with its own set of requirements. Taking care of a young and developing adult with complex medical needs, profound physical disabilities or learning disabilities has an impact on the whole family, but with additional help 24 hours a day, you can reduce the strain on the family and watch your loved one grow. The peace of mind that you get knowing that they have someone with them that they can rely on can often be enough of a reason to invest in the right live in care service.

Respite for you

We can offer short term support to provide the opportunity for a respite break in a way which reduces disruption to a minimum. We know how important routine can be but we also understand how refreshing it can feel to step outside it even for a short period.

Person-centred care

A 24 hour live in service should be about your loved one as much as possible. Every individual is just that, unique, so what affects one young person won’t affect another in the exact same way. With all the best intentions, a family member is not always able to offer the best in personal and social care of a young adult craving their independence, and this is where live in carers can step in to shoulder some of the work. Our carers will take the time to build a relationship with the young person and their family so that everyone is listened to. We won’t support a young person’s expectation of independence by taking it away!

What does it mean?

Living independently doesn’t have to mean living alone, and many young adults don’t feel comfortable in a care home environment. Bringing a live-in carer to the home can mean that the following tasks can be completed as part of a regular routine – just with a little more support:

  • Washing, bathing and personal care
  • Helping to cook meals and with eating/cutting food
  • Assistance with daily living aids
  • Social support in the environment and with groups
  • Support to enable a young person to work and study
  • Communication support

Disabilities can take many forms, but they all mean that a person would benefit from some extra support to realise their full potential. 24 hour live in care can help them thrive.