Better Quality of Life

We all need a helping hand from time to time, especially as we get older. If your loved ones are showing signs that they need a little support in their daily lives, it’s imperative that you find the best care possible. There are several options out there, but Live in Care may be the one that provides the very best quality of life.

Isn’t that the least they deserve?

Why Choose Live In Care Over Residential Care?

Care for older people can take many forms, but Live in Care and Residential Care are the two that you are most likely to encounter. The 24/7 residential route certainly has something to offer, and it can be the better option when providing support someone living with the more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease or similar conditions. Generally speaking, though, your loved one will be far better off with Live in Care.

Live in Care essentially involves someone living with a person in their home rather than having them move to into residential care. So, your loved one will have someone to provide support with house chores and daily tasks at all times. This method is designed to provide the same levels of professional support while allowing your loved one to enjoy a more comfortable life.

Clients can enjoy the same features that a residential alternative would enjoy, including support with health, bathing, and food preparations. However, this option is seen as a far more attractive option for many. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • It removes the need for moving out of the existing home into the residential care home, which can be very advantageous when the property has sentimental value.
  • People retain a sense of privacy. There’s no need to share their home with other residents while the Live in care team allow the senior citizen to retain their privacy when needed.
  • Live in Care is cheaper. A lot cheaper. People using Orchid 24 hour live in care, can save upwards of £13,000 per year compared to the equivalent residential option in the Sussex region.
  • Staying in their property allows people to make changes that are designed solely with their best interest in mind. This can include adding stairlifts or mobility ramps.
  • Remaining in their home means that it’s more likely for the person to maintain strong relationships with friends and family while also having the companionship of the Live in carert. Moving away to a residential home can prevent this from happening.
  • There’s one-on-one support from a carer who knows the individual. This is far better than sharing medical care staff with a host of other patients.
  • Couples can stay together in their home rather than run the potential risk of being separated or having to compromise their living arrangement.
  • Live in Care encourages the person to still do the things that they can. Whether it be hobbies or certain house chores, this allows a chance to grow older with dignity.
  • People can be visited by friends and family when it suits them rather than at the times often dictated by residential homes.
  • Your loved one holds onto their greatest financial asset.

On a separate note, you gain peace of mind by knowing you’ve picked the very best solution for your loved one. Overall, then, taking the Live in Care option makes huge sense for patient and family members alike, not least because your loved one will enjoy a better standard of living.

How Can Orchid 24 hour live in care Support Your Loved One?

Deciding that Live in Care is the way to go is one thing, but finding the best type of service is another altogether. Orchid 24 hour live in care is ready to help.

Our team of friendly and highly-qualified professionals can provide 24/7 support covering virtually every aspect of care. From administering medical care to helping with cooking, cleaning and house chores, we can do it all. All of those tasks are completed to the highest standards while still encouraging a sense of independence and a strong quality of life for your loved ones.

Moreover, we endeavour to maintain excellent communication with family members. This truly is the best type of care that anyone needing a little support could ask for. Meanwhile, knowing that your loved one is being looked after at all times removes any concerns you may have regarding their health and happiness.

Whether it’s calling to discuss the possible types of Live in Care on offer or to take the steps needed to provide your loved one with the daily help they need, Orchid 24 hour live in care is dedicated to making their retirement the truly golden years. Call or contact us for more information